Behavioral Health Integration

The Behavioral Health Workgroup aims to enhance the behavioral health and physical health of community members in Region 3 through both clinical and preventative partnerships..

Projects include:

  1.  Let’s Talk:  The Behavioral Health Integration workgroup has been working to enhance communications between primary care providers and behavioral health providers.  Members have provided technical assistance to clinics to establish memorandums of understanding between agencies to guide referrals and information sharing.  In addition, the workgroup has published communication materials to help dispel myths regarding what can and cannot be shared.
  2. Idaho Integrated Behavioral Health Network:  The Behavioral Health Integration workgroup supports the Idaho Integrated Behavioral Health Network, dedicated to advancing the environment for behavioral health integration in the state of Idaho.
  3. Healthy Minds Partnership:  The Behavioral Health Integration workgroup facilitated a partnership between host schools and behavioral health agencies to deliver services to students at schools.  We have developed a process map and evaluation (funded by St. Lukes and the Blue Cross Foundation for Health) to assist other communities that are interested in developing similar programs.

2018 Meeting Notes and Agendas:







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Led by Dennis Baughman, LCPC, of Lifeways, Inc. baughman

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